Bobacaygeon over Princess St.

I moved to Kingston 17 years ago to work as a manager at the Capitol 7 on Princess Street. My second night working, my staff were anxious and excited in the lobby. I had no idea what was going on. It turns out that Rob Baker was coming into to see a movie. Of course, being new to Kingston I knew of the Hip, but not really where they were from or what they were about. Well, my staff schooled me on The Tragically Hip! lol

Over the years, we got to see many of the band members in with their families to see movies. They joked with us and were always so kind to all of us.

I too, became a Hip fan. I went to see them in concert in Toronto for a fundraiser as well as at an outdoor concert in Kingston - the most memorable ones!

Then in 2012, I got a call from their record label asking us to present "Bobcaygeon" on screen for a DVD/Blu-ray release party! I was so ecstatic! We were all "freaking" out!

This came at time when it was announced the beloved Capitol would be closing. There were lots of haters out there. Staff and managers were all down in the dumps over it.

We so honoured that the Hip would call us to host this event!! We pulled out all the stops! We had it up on our marquee! We made everything perfect! It was the last big event we held at the Capitol before it closed! It was on our best! I will always be a fan!!