Epic 1st & last Hip concert story...

For my hubby's bday I surprised him with Hip tix.
We were excited.
That day and we set out to Barrie Molson Park.
We got to the ticket agent, she looked at the tix, looked at us, and said: "You're in the wrong the place!"
Shocked and panicked we were supposed to be in TO at the Molson Amphitheatre!
It was a crisis.
We ran to the vehicle & noticed a couple exiting the building in a panic also.
They too made THE SAME error!
We were now all off to the Hip, in a hurry..
We arrived in T.O., with no parking to be found. We found two spots near a sketchy park.
We were almost there. When our new friends locked their keys in the car!
We couldn't leave them now as they just got us where we needed to be! So we waited for a tow truck to arrive.
The tow guy arrived & we told him our sad story, he crammed the 4 of us in the cab of his one seat town truck and rushed us to the amphitheatre!
We arrived and managed to run in and just stand where we had a glimpse of the stage.

The stage went black.
We were devastated.
We had just officially missed the Hip concert!
We shed a tear.

And then... OMG The Hip come back out on stage and delivered an encore!

Blow at High Dough.
My husbands favourite!

We vowed to never see a concert again, because let's face it, we have THE BEST concert story ever!
Until today when we spotted the #hipinkingston contest on the front page of the paper!

It was meant to be. We HAD to share our Hip story with you & try one last time to see them before they are done!

We would LOVE to be chosen to win the tickets. Maybe we could get a do-over, actually see a concert of our favourite band, and have a killer follow up BEST EVER HIP STORY to share in the future!

Thank you for taking the time to read our story!

Jeff & Melissa Crannie