Gord is so Tragically Hip

I married a lifelong Hip fan. In the photo, attached, is my husband, Gord. This photo was taken of him at Trent University. He had fallen asleep at a party and could not be woken up. His buddies tried jumping on the bed, yelling at him, shaking him, everything. One buddy knew what would work and cranked a Hip tune: Cordelia. Sure enough, Gord came bounding out of the bedroom singing right along. Everyone was amazed.

Fast forward to his 30th birthday. He was given a surprise party and this poster was given to him, looking so much like the Road Apples cover art. He still has this proudly displayed in his office.

When we began dating, one of our first dates was to attend Big Music Fest in Belleville where we watched The Hip play in 2008. Gord has a story for each song on each album - be it Wheat Kings and travelling across Canada with the Esso Legends of Hockey tour or singing along to Ahead By A Century on his guitar.

He struggles to list his top 10 feeling that they are all so unique. When The Hip played in Kingston to support the 25th anniversary of Fully Completely, Gord was in the audience with his sister rocking out one more time, adding another Hip memory to his already plentiful repertoire.

When Gord learned the news of Gord Downie's illness, it had a profound effect on him; to this day he still can't believe this is really happening. I can't imagine there being another person who has woven his life so closely to the music of The Tragically Hip. Attending this show would be a meaningful and profound experience to the guy whose friends and family have dubbed 'Tragically Hip'.