Being born in the mid-80s and raised near Kingston, The Hip were just always there, intertwined in the fabric of my childhood. It was only when Poets was released that I became cognizant. My first live experience was at Across the Causeway in 2004, and was immediately hooked. Since, I’ve been lucky enough to see the boys in stadiums and in farmers fields. In Bobcaygeon, under the constellations. I’ve traveled hours to meet a complete stranger in hopes of an extra ticket to an exclusive show.

It was when I grew older that I began to understand and appreciate the depth and passion; the heart and soul that every member of this band leaves on the stage and in the studio. The lyrical genius, words and meanings that evolve with time. The connection, the realness.

That’s why it’s been such a struggle to write anything coherent since the news broke. What words could possibly express the amount of love and gratitude I have? Words are Gord’s department.

Gord D., Paul, Gord S., Rob and Johnny: I cannot thank you all enough. Through your music, I’ve had the most incredible experiences and have met amazing people. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

Gord D., you are so loved. You have given us so much – it’s time for you to receive it back.

Thank you, Das Hips.