My Irish Hip

The Hip were revered alumnus of KCVI and I was proud to be part of that. During high school, I was lucky enough to have gym with Adrian Langlois who is a legend himself and one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

During college, I worked at the Cataraqui Golf & Country Club and was fortunate enough to meet both Gord Sinclair and Paul Langlois who were avid golfers. With a cameo appearance in the movie *Men With Brooms, they formed a foursome (minus God Downie) and joined Men's Curling to practice for their upcoming film debut! Sinclair and Langlois ended up sticking with the popular sport after filming ended. After life's trials, I decided in 2009 to leave my comfort zone and travel. I decided to move to a location I knew bartenders were welcomed and drank as much beer as Canadians did. IRELAND!!!

One night, before I was to leave, I was working the bar on Men's night as usual when someone happened to tell me that The Tragically Hip were touring Europe around the same time I was to be there. Paul Langlois immediately approached me and offered his personal email address and told me to be in touch with him as the tour date approached. My time in Ireland was absolutely amazing but after a few months I was missing home. True to his word, as the date approached, I contacted Paul and he immediately told me that six tickets would be waiting at the door for me along with some after party passes!! His generosity was astounding! I posted a notice on our travel board for other Canadians to be in touch. Six strangers met up in a random pub before the show and became instant friends.

The concert was out of this world and we had an absolute blast! I surprised my new friends with the after party passes and, for a shining moment across the pond, we were all back home!! One of the greatest moments of my life!! Thank you!!