Robert Hampson and Spokane

I moved to Kingston (two and a half) years ago from Toronto. Coming to Kingston has given me the opportunity to swim with the Kingston Y Penguins and have Vicki Keith as my coach. I also came to Kingston to take Fitness and Health Promotion at St. Lawrence College which has worked out very well. The program is fantastic and the college is very friendly, a perfect size and I feel very safe there. I have also discovered what a terrific city Kingston is. It is friendly, easy to navigate around with my guide dog Spokane and a perfect size.

I run the Robert Hampson Tabs for Kids Fund because I believe that anyone no matter their age, ability or situation can make a difference in the world. I started collecting pop tabs because I felt there were children who were not as fortunate as I was. The way I saw it, as a 5 year-old, was that I had everything I needed. My arms and legs worked perfectly. I had no pain and I could easily walk around. It bothered me that there were kids out there who needed expensive, specialized equipment.

I decided I was going to buy a wheelchair using pop can tabs. After eight years of collecting, we bought that first wheelchair in 2005. To date, we have bought equipment for 10 children and have the funds for another purchase. That’s a long way from a 5 year-old picking up his first pop tab off the sidewalk.

Of all the things I've done in my life, my favourites were learning how to drive a race car, sky diving and scuba diving. I also love to downhill ski, tandem cycle, rock climb, cook and do woodworking.

Robert Hampson, and guide dog Spokane,
Fitness and health promotion student at St. Lawrence College