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Please note that:

• Stories may be edited for grammar and for length.

• A photo release form must be used by City employees who submit photos.

• The City of Kingston assumes no liability for photos and stories posted to the site. Anyone who submits a photo is responsible to obtain approval of the subject and to agree to terms of submission.

• Images may be used in other City communication products.

• Stories will be promoted through social media and other channels.

What won’t be used

• Inappropriate images or language

• Images of poor quality

• Anything that demeans or degrades anything or anyone

• Anything considered to be promotional

Submission ideas for consideration

• Interesting individuals

• Volunteers

• Interesting jobs

• Experiences of the city

• Fun at events

• Cool research

• Hobbies or sports from the perspective of an enthusiast or player

• Favourite spaces

• A person being recognized for a contribution

• A person who doesn’t get recognition but contributes anyway