Yessica Rivera Belsham

I really connected to drumming when I joined the Brazilian samba band. I've always loved drumming – but that was the first time I got fully into it. Then I went to Mexico, and I feel there was a lot of transformation on my own part and a connection with indigenous peoples of Mexico.

I learned the importance of the drum and how it’s connected to everything; it’s all about communication. It’s not just physically playing the drum – but being with the drum and connecting to the ancestors.

You’re never alone when you are drumming. There’s a spiritual connection on many levels.

The Kingston Drum Circle is always open to anyone in the community. It’s not about money or profit,but about community and openness and being there for people to experience. Newcomers never really know what to expect when they arrive, but I always tell them they don’t have to know how to drum.
It’s about coming together as a community.

There’s a definite wellness factor for people with mental health issues or varied abilities. It’s like they have finally found a voice and they feel equal to everyone.

Drumming is almost like breathing for me. I need to do this.

Yessica Riviera Belsham
Facilitator, Kingston Drum Circle